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    Right now, the size and the magnitude of operations of the international shipping industry is beyond compare. The industry has grown in size by leaps and bounds. And the number of participants in this industry has grown as well. Just to give you an idea as to how BIG the industry is, just take a good look at the number of merchant vessels that are constantly roaming the seas. As of the last survey and count, it was found out that there are roughly 50,000 merchant vessels that are registered in at least 150 countries. And these sea vessels are manned by seafarers from different countries. But outside of this number, consider the other shipping jobs and positions that are being maintained off the seas. Most of the major shipping companies maintain their own offices as well, and these are the people that facilitate the transfer of the goods, cargoes and the packages from the vessels into the waiting platform and delivered into homes of consumers. These things alone paint a good picture of the industry, and you could say that indeed the shipping industry is one BIG industry where a lot of shipping jobs are maintained and added. So if you are one of those thousands aspiring workers and job seekers, you can count on the shipping industry for a crack at an opportunity. You can be sure that there will be shipping jobs that are just waiting to be filled if you just know where to look.

    Now the kinds of jobs that can be found in the shipping industry can be roughly categorized into two- the more technical ones and the jobs that are usually maintained within the ships and the other category is the more common jobs that are often maintained in many offices of the major shipping companies.

    Sample listing of delivery jobs in the shipping industry
    In the shipping industry, it’s all about the receipt and the delivery of goods and packages. And on this note the most common shipping jobs are those jobs that are directly involved with these transactions. Here are some of these jobs;

    • Sales associates. For many shipping companies, these are front-line jobs. They are the ones that attend to the needs of the customers, and in directing the customers to the right kind of shipping service.
    • Documents and package handlers. In some companies, these are the loaders and these are usually based in the shipping ports and distribution centers of companies. They are in charge of monitoring the packages and the cargoes that go out of the compound and making sure that all of the packages are properly labeled, stocked and delivered to its destination.
    • Drivers and couriers. These are important persons in the distribution centers of many shipping companies. These are the employees that make sure that all packages and boxes for shipping arrive at the set time, at the appointed date.

    There are other high-profile freight shipping jobs that can be considered like jobs in the management team. But if you are looking at the most common and readily available, the jobs listed are the ones that are hits in the shipping freight industry.

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