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Household Goods

We ship all types of household goods worldwide including furniture and electronics.

Commercial Goods

Whether it be one off items or large scale shipping requirements, we have a solution for you.

Single Boxes

We deliver single boxes as well as large scale shipping which is perfect for sending one off items.

Palleted Goods

Our logistics solutions service worldwide shipping for palleted goods of all shapes and sizes.


Boxes for Shipping

Obtaining inexpensive rates is the key for attaining cheap shipping to Australia. You always search for the better rates and you would end up having one out of long list of couriers you can find on the Internet. Having several couriers promotes competition and eventually a price war, leading to rates going down and becoming more competitive. However, parcel couriers may offer an economic rate as well as a rate deemed higher but the item to be shipped will be prioritized and that means it’ll be delivered in half the time.

International Economy versus International Priority
So you want to avail the lower rates in shipping so you go for International economy, but what if you offer your online customer faster shipment and delivery of the item sold? Of course, your option would be to avail the International Priority Class, but can you profit from it more, if initially, you ignore it in your total cost?

If you tell your customers that the shipment will arrive in 4-6 weeks after date of purchase, then make sure that the lead time is within the frame promised. This is even important if you decide for an International economy class because you want to be competitive and you also want to profit from the transaction.

However, International priority shipment may even be cost-effective if you make extensive comparisons. For one, you are assured that the shipment will arrive as promised and with narrow lead time.

International economy shipment promises low rates, but the time may not be worth it. If you consider time to be costly, then you go for something that is faster because you also pay for the time. But time that is not part of the cost, initially, may become integrated if the shipment does not arrive on the time intended. If that happens, you may want to have it as a charge to experience. It would even be more costly if the customer demands to get his or her money back because what you promised was not delivered. The product could be deemed free on the part of the purchaser.

The question: which is cheaper?

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