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    International Removals

    We ship all types of household goods worldwide including furniture and boxes.

    Commercial Shipping

    Whether it be one off items or large scale shipping requirements, we have a solution for you.

    Box Shipping

    We deliver single boxes as well as large scale shipping which is perfect for sending one off items.

    Pallet Shipping

    Our Worldwide logistics solutions service pallet shipping of all shapes and sizes.


    Freight Shipping

    In the shipping industry, the packages and the shipments that are loaded stacked and sent to ports and warehouses are categorized into different types. The object of categorization and classification is simple, and that is to facilitate the stocking and the distribution of the packages. The categorization of the packages is influenced by a number of factors and these are listed and explained below. Just keep in mind that there are three bases for classifying packages and shipments. For example, products and packages can be classified according to type. For example, pots and pans can be grouped under the shipment of ‘household goods’. All large packages on the other hand fall under freight shipping. Another factor that is used is the size of the package or the shipment. Packages and shipments that are almost similar in size and quantity are usually grouped together. And finally, often the length of time that the packages and the shipments will be in transit can be a basis for grouping the packages and shipments.

    The typical categorization for products and packages include the household goods called the HHG, and the household items include the furniture. This is the first categorization for the packages that are shipped in the industry. Included in this grouping are the household goods like the kitchen items and items found in the living room. For the goods and the packages that are usually sent by offices and companies, the grouping is called the overnight express or the express letter shipments. The main differentiation for this grouping is that these shipments are lighter compared to others. By practice, these packages and shipments will weigh a few kilograms. And for the larger shipments and packages, these are called parcels and ground shipments. These shipments will range from a little over a pound but will not exceed 70 kilograms. These kinds of shipments are usually boxed with boxes for shipping, and these are often packaged by the shipper himself or can be packed by the shipping company. Also, parcel shipments are known to travel by water and rarely that the shipments will be sent through air.

    And beyond the HHG and the parcel shipments, all other shipments are called freight shipping. For shipping freight, the shipments are grouped into three as well. The first option is the less than truckload freight, and this is the most common option available in the market. For the most part, these types of shipments will weigh anywhere from 50 to 7,000 kilograms. And on average, the weight of the shipment stands at 600 kilogram. The other option is through air freight. These shipments move faster than the other shipments and these are usually transported via air travel. And finally when it comes to freight shipping, there is the truckload freight. All shipments that exceed 7,000 kilograms are considered as truckload freight. All items that are classified under this grouping have been grouped because it is understood that grouping these will be more efficient and economical for large loads to occupy one single trailer.

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