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    Moving Truck Norway

    In the shipping industry, the packages and the shipments that are loaded stacked and sent to ports and warehouses are categorized into different types. The object of categorization and classification is simple, and that is to facilitate the stocking and the distribution of the packages. The categorization of the packages is influenced by a number of factors and these are listed and explained below. Just keep in mind that there are three bases for classifying packages and shipments. For example, products and packages can be classified according to type. For example, pots and pans can be grouped under the shipment of ‘household goods’. All large packages on the other hand fall under freight shipping. Another factor that is used is the size of the package or the shipment. Packages and shipments that are almost similar in size and quantity are usually grouped together. And finally, often the length of time that the packages and the shipments will be in transit can be a basis for grouping the packages and shipments.

    When the move will not require one to transport all properties and belongings, and it’s just for short distance for example an intra-state move, hiring big-time moving companies is not recommended. It can be a waste of time and resources. What can be done is to tap into self-moving and just rent a moving truck, and the rest of the work can be personally done. This is the basic concept for self-moving, and an option getting popular right now for those wanting to be in control of the situation when moving. Self-moving or doing it your own way can be considered as a cost-effective solution when it comes to moving. This is better compared to the full-service moving service, and will allow one to control how the belongings and the personal effects are handled, packed and moved to the desired destination. At the heart of this strategy is the renting of the moving truck. And its rental should be planned as well. Here are some tips on how one can go about self-moving and rent the best moving truck for this kind of activity.

    • Carefully plan out the kind of moving truck that is needed. It’s important to decide on the size of the truck. There are online resources and websites that can help one decide on the size of the truck needed depending on the number of packages or the volume of packages. Look for moving equipments and accessories as well including hand truck and moving pads;
    • If you will personally do the move, make sure that you have planned out the route. There are some road networks where trucks are not allowed, so it’s better to review the road rules first. You might want to talk with the owner of the moving truck for rent for their experience and the best route to take;
    • Learn how to properly pack personal effects and belonging. Fragile items should be packed appropriately, and important items should be properly accounted for. Boxes should be properly labeled not on top but on the sides;
    • Once the truck is already available, the next thing to consider is the proper loading of the packages and the personal effects. Just before loading the items, make sure that you measure door openings so that you’ll know if you are packing right. Load the heavy packages first like the appliances, and these should be loaded in front of the truck;
    • Once the truck is ready, then that’s the time to move the truck to the desired destination. Prepare the moving truck before starting it up. This means adjusting the mirrors and checking the brakes and the tires. It is important to drive safely, which means you should use the turn signals, allow the right amount of distance and watch out for overhead clearances. Damaging the truck could mean added expenses on your part.

    There are different kinds of trucks out there, and these come in different sizes for different needs. You can get a 10-foot moving truck or even the 20-foot truck. And once the moving truck has been rented out, make sure that you take good care of it.

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