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    Moving Quotes Norway

    When looking for moving companies, it’s not just important to look at the background and the kinds of services offered by companies. It’s important as well to ask for moving quotes. Thanks to this information, it would be easy to decide which service provider is best and it’s easy to check if the cost is still within the budget.

    Moving quotes are actually the charges imposed by the moving companies for their services. There are three basic types of moving, the interstate move, intrastate or the international move. The interstate move or the movement in between two states will base the quotes on the weight of the things and the personal effects that will be moved and the distance of the two points. Companies will also try to incorporate the amount of the packing materials and other services. For the movement within the state, most of the companies will base their moving quotes on the per-hour cost of the personnel involved, the number of vehicles that are to be used and the weight of the packages. For the international moves, there are a number of factors in play including charges between residence and port, customs charges and a few more.

    Where to find moving quotes?
    There are two places where you can get moving quotes. You can go directly to the website of the company that offers moving services in your region. Most sites will offer a hotline or a customer service line that will help you get instant quotes for moving services. The quotes that can be offered to you will be dependent on the areas where the packages will be moved, and the kind of packages that will be moved.

    The other option is to consider aggregator websites from the industry. Sometimes these movers will form their own networks and organizations and websites are set up in order for the consumers to easily find and contact the member companies. The good thing about these websites is that this is a one-stop website where information and resources about moving companies and services are displayed. And more importantly, these websites are interactive in nature that will allow for a consumer to check and get instant moving quotes. Consumers wanting to get quotes from this site will be asked to fill out a form. After the system receives the query, the consumer will then receive the estimates coming from a number of movers. And from here, the consumer can decide which one is best for his needs. The replies offered by these websites will come in minutes, thus consumers can immediately make an informed decision.

    There are specific pieces of information that should be supplied to these websites. For example the exact moving date should be indicated on the form. The move size should be indicated as well, and this refers to the total area of the property and the number of rooms (i.e. a 500 square meter house). Other important details include the source and the destination of the packages or movement. All these information and data are processed and sent back to the consumer who initiated the inquiry. This is the best website to go to since consumers will be given multiple quotes coming from multiple companies. At least, consumers will get to see the price differences at the same time.

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