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    International Shipping to Australia

    When shipping something from your office to Australia, everything seems simple enough.  You just place a call to your company’s preferred shipping company, tell them what you need delivered, they’ll pick it up and the next thing you know, the package is in Australia and you’re getting a confirmation notice.  It can be quite different when you’re actually doing it yourself, especially if you’re moving not just a package but your whole life.

    The first thing that you need to accomplish when you plan on moving to a new country is to find a suitable, reputable shipping company that handles everything from start to finish.  Considering that you’ll be taking most of your personal belongings with you on your trip, it’s especially important that you trust in the shipping company to get your belongings safe and sound to your country of destination.

    Packing will be the first thing on the agenda. You may opt to do this yourself, put your stuff in their respective boxes and so on but you won’t be sure that they’ll arrive in Australia in one piece. There are special ways to pack things, especially fragile and breakable items, and it’s best to leave those to the professionals.

    Considering the magnitude and volume of the belongings that you intend to transfer, it’s not enough that they’re in boxes. Boxes can get misplaced and you might end up losing some of your stuff in transit. You may ask your shipping company if they offer cargo containers so that all of your stuff, be they in packing crates, still remain together. Sometimes, this option is even more cost-effective. Once you’ve packed everything that you need, you can also opt to keep in storage some of the things that you can’t take to Australia. Other shipping companies have that option.

    Next comes the interesting part – transporting your personal effects. This part of the process is not all about logistics. The more important part is the filling out of documents for customs and clearances. You need to accomplish many forms declaring all your personal effects, their value, pay the necessary taxes and duties (if any) before the Port can actually accept the shipment and approve its arrival. This is quite necessary if the shipment was to arrive before you actually come into Australia. You also need to pay storage fees while your packages are in Port. All of these things should be handled by your shipping company to avoid any problems since they’re most experienced with the procedure.

    Once you’ve arrived to pick up your stuff, the shipping company has one final duty. It will transport your stuff to their final destination. However, should you wish it, you may tap them to do the unpacking and moving in for you. They can also do the clearing up of all used packing crates so all you really have to do is move in, relax and enjoy your new home.

    Some of these services don’t come cheap and you may need to compare quotes from several companies before you can actually decide. In the long run, your comfort, your belongings safety is what it boils down to.

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