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    Shipping Cars to Australia

    Shipping a big object from one country to another seems expensive and can be complicated too. The size of the shipment is the factor that should be seriously considered. It would even be more so when the shipping has to cross international borders.

    Car is one of those products you can import and export. If you are planning to bring a car in Australia, you must be prepared for the cost, the documents and other files. You can also hire a customs broker who can do a better job than you. It can be a company or a private individual with license to do customs brokerage. The customs broker can be your ally in the preparation of necessary documents as well as in the processing of documents for faster approval from the agencies that would control the importation of vehicles to Australia. The customs broker can deal with the barriers in importation as well as in the exporting of vehicles.

    Although car shipping to Australia can be done with the help of a more competent specialist who knows the process more than you do, a basic knowledge about car shipping can help widen your thoughts.

    Preparations before the car shipping
    Before shipping the car to its destination in Australia, you have to prepare the necessary documents for faster processing. These documents may include but not limited to: Vehicle Import Approval, Customs Clearance, vehicle registration and insurance. Certain charges will have to be paid in the processing of these documents as well as the shipping cost.

    Vehicle Import Approval is the first form to secure. The Vehicle Safety Standards Branch of the Department of Transport and Regional Services issues the form, which is needed for car importation. The processing of the permit can take days. This is the reason why it is advisable that the procedure for securing permit should be prioritized. Other requirements such as original overseas application and a visitor visa are also required for approval.

    In the processing of customs clearance, the car to be shipped must be declared. Variations in custom duties will accrue depending on the type of vehicle.

    Custom duties are among the expenses to be incurred in the processing for car shipment to Australia. However, if you are a temporary resident or are just bringing the car for tourist adventure in this country, you may be exempted from paying customs duty of up to 12 months. However, for this privilege to be enjoyed, you are required to obtain a Carnet De Passages de Douanes and a bank security.

    Insurance and vehicle registrations are also required. They are the usual documents required in driving a vehicle and more obviously for shipping vehicle to Australia.

    Australia is strict in the importation of goods. Imported vehicles have to undergo quarantine inspection and treatment to rid off weeds and other elements.

    As the length of preparation could take weeks and even months, preparation is the key to shipping your car to Australia as soon as possible.

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