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Motorcycle Shipping to Australia

Most motorcycles are more than just a vehicle used to get around town—they are machines that are more like friends for many and parting with these lovelies may not be a palatable decision especially when emigrating overseas.  Many people have spent a lot of hours customizing a motorcycle and selling it for another one should they emigrate is unacceptable.  Here are things that you should remember for shipping motorcycles to Australia:

  • Set a budget. Shipping a vehicle can get very expensive, and it is important for you to establish a realistic amount that you can spend. Make room for not only for the shipping but also for customs fees and other extra costs.
  • Get shipping quotes in paper. Do not trust quotes given to you verbally by a shipping company agent. They might just be interested in getting you to subscribe to their services and not providing you an honest quotation up front. Quotes on paper provide you a concrete idea on the actual prices, helping you make a better decision.
  • Opt for container shipping if you are shipping the motorcycle with other items. Container shipping is ideal especially if you are emigrating to Australia because you can also include your other belongings with the motorcycle. As a precaution, you might also want to take the parts your motorcycle often need as they might not be readily available in Australia.
  • Check the service coverage of the shipping company. Most companies offer only the overseas transport of your motorcycle, leaving you to arrange for the details of inland transportation. If your new home is far from the port, make sure to arrange for a trucking service that can deliver your vehicle safely to your house.
  • Check the insurance coverage. Does the shipping company offer insurance for the domestic transport of the vehicle? If not, you may opt for another company that offers both international and domestic coverage or arrange for domestic transport insurance at the destination port.
  • Drain the fuel tank. Most shipping companies would not accept motorcycles with fuel tanks filled to more than one-eights of its capacity. Fuel is highly combustible and can burst into flames with a spark.
  • Remove the motorcycle accessories you want intact. Different people will handle your motorcycle and some items may end up missing or damaged. If you want to avoid this, remove everything that you want to keep.
  • Make sure you have the title to the motorcycle. Having the clean, original (not photocopied) title of the vehicle at hand—the one issued by a government agency in your home country—proves your ownership of the motorcycle and will be very handy when you claim it at the port.
  • Check with customs. Your country may have regulations about shipping a motorcycle overseas and documents you must file before doing so. The Australian Customs also require papers for your motorcycle, so it is always safe to consult with authorities before pushing through with the shipping.

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