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    Moving House Sweden

    There are several things that you need to prepare when relocating. And the key to make things easier for you is to be organized. Plan ahead- list down all the things that you need to accomplish before moving house and the most important part is to research for the best moving company in town. Selection of the moving company should be done carefully for it will affect your entire moving experience. And relative to this, it’s important to know the moving estimate as well.

    For long distance moves, the cost of the entire moving process is determined by the weight and size of the items to be moved. For local moves, the cost is determined by the number of hours it takes to move the items. There are companies that offers flat rate services, such company are overdriven by hourly cost.

    Contact at least three professional moving companies nearby and compare the services and offers. For you to get an accurate moving estimate details, provide a complete inventory of everything you want to move to each moving company. Don’t make decisions according to the price they offer, there are moving companies that offer very low price to hook customers. Once they already have your items, they will demand a much higher price. Carefully check the documents they will give you and look for any hidden charges. Reject shipping estimates that are made via a telephone call or those who made estimates without even seeing your items. Such companies will not give you the appropriate moving house estimate you need.

    There are moving companies that gives approximate cost for transporting your possession and is not a bid or contract. The cost can be determined after the shipment has been weighed. The cost may turn out to be more than the estimated cost they gave you. They may also ask you to pay at least 10 percent more that the initial cost estimate at the time they deliver your goods. This estimate is what we call a non-binding house moving estimate. On the other hand, there are companies who offer a binding house moving estimate. Such kind of moving estimate only covers the goods and services quoted. If you add extra service and additional items you will have to pay additional charges. If you are offered with a not-to-exceed moving house estimate, you need to pay the amount of the binding estimate or the actual cost. Both binding relocation estimates and not-to-exceed estimates must be indicated in the bills that you will sign.

    To recap, moving estimates will help you choose the best moving company in town. To get the best result, research for the best moving companies near you. Browse the comments and feedbacks of the customers they had and read reviews. Once you have chosen the moving company where you will entrust all your belongings, prepare all the documents you need along the process. Have your phone lines, electric, gas, internet and cable transferred to your new home. Update your families and friends on your new address. Arrange the transfer of your bank accounts and the car registration. Once you have done all these things, you are now ready to move to your new place!

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