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Moving Company Sweden

Moving isn’t just about packing all stuffs and personal effects, loading these packages to vans and paying the moving company for their services. There are steps and processes included as well, and if you want to have a stress-free move then you know should know and perform these steps and processes. And all these steps and processes that every consumer should do starts before the move and after all the things and packages have been unloaded. Consider the following as consumers’ checklist and guide when moving- before the move, on the day of the move and after the move.

Things to do before the move
Look for the moving company through the network. Ask for recommendations from friends and business associates regarding the moving company. To verify the standing of the company, check with Better Business Bureau. Have a chat with the representative of the company, and inquire the possible responsibilities in case damages happen to the packages or when the personal effects are lost. In line with this, try to ask if there is a dispute settlement program in place.

In searching for moving companies, try to get estimates from at least three movers. This should give you a rough estimate of the current rates in the industry. Also it’s best to ask at this stage how and when the pick-up and the delivery of personal effects will happen.

Things to do on moving day
There are some important steps that should be made on the actual date of move. Consumers should be present at the date of the move in order to answer questions and to give directions. Owner should be present until the whole loading has been performed. There will be an inventory of goods and packages that will happen, and once this is done the owner should accompany the company representative. The information indicated on the estimate, the order of service and the bill and inventory should be reviewed before these documents are signed. The bill of lading should be kept up until the goods and packages are all delivered. And just before the van leaves, consumers should take a final look at the property to make sure that none was left.

Things to do on delivery date
Again, one must be present in order to receive the goods and packages. It is also important to be around in order to answer questions and give directions. After the service has been completed (or just before the goods and the personal effects have been loaded), it’s important to pay the driver according to the terms specified in the agreement. When unloaded the goods and unpacking the personal effects, it’s important that the owner must be present in the area in order to check the process. Just before the moving company ends the day, it’s important to check the inventory and double check for damages or losses. Count on a reliable moving service if the guide is properly noted. No matter how good the moving company is, it’s still best to be present and to guide the pros in doing their work.

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