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    Some notes on Parcel Shipping to Dubai

    There are various reasons to ship a parcel to Dubai. You might want to send your documents there because you’ll be transferring for work. You might also need to send your clothes because you will be living there for a while. No matter what reason you have, it’s very important to take note of these things first.


    Dubai is in the Middle East, and while it’s a pretty liberal city compared to other places in the U.A.E., you still need to be careful. Make sure that you visit the embassy to get a hold of the list of all the prohibited items. Otherwise, you might be shipping something to Dubai that’s either offensive to their religion or considered threatening to their government. Both cases could get you detained or fined, and the item or items would be confiscated. Prevent these things from happening by going through the updated list of prohibited items.


    Restricted items are a level lower than prohibited items when it comes to shipping risks. These items might be allowed entry to the country as long as you did not exceed the allowable number per kind, or you did not forget to bring certificates and/or permits for them. You should be very careful when transporting prescription drugs, ammunition, and even plants which are proven to have medicinal values.


    As in most countries, taxes are also a concern when shipping goods to Dubai. While your parcel might be allowed to leave your homeport without fees, claiming them from Dubai customs might be a challenge if you can’t pay for the taxes and other fees right away. It’s better for you to find out through the embassy as well so you won’t be surprised once you’re trying to claim your shipped items.


    While most movers to Dubai are competent, you should never take the risk of your items getting damaged while they are in transit. You need to make sure that you’re packaging them correctly. Most shipping companies would provide default containers for goods. Use these, but also protect them from the inside. You may use bubble wrap for very fragile items. You can also try to pack your items inside the box so that they’re compact and won’t rub or collide against each other. If there are gaps in between items in the box, you can always use a packing tissue paper.


    Be as detailed as possible in your packing list. This will help you not only in tracking down items which could be missing or broken, but also in claiming your insurance rights. If you can, include the number and the size per item. The more detailed your list is, the more efficient it would be for you and for the customs officials. Inquire from the embassy if you would still need to have your list translated in Arabic.

    Insurance needs

    How far will your shipment be traveling? Usually, international shipments are safe if you can trust your moving company. However, if you’re having valuable items transported, it’s always advisable for you to sign an insurance policy. This way, you won’t suffer too much from the loss or the damage if either of the two happens.

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