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    International Removals

    We ship all types of household goods worldwide including furniture and boxes.

    Commercial Shipping

    Whether it be one off items or large scale shipping requirements, we have a solution for you.

    Box Shipping

    We deliver single boxes as well as large scale shipping which is perfect for sending one off items.

    Pallet Shipping

    Our Worldwide logistics solutions service pallet shipping of all shapes and sizes.


    Shipping Rates

    There are no freebies when it comes to shipping. The moment you sign up for the sea shipping services, then you have to expect that this will come at a cost. And the larger the items to be shipped then the higher the chance that the shipping rates will be higher as well. These rates are not randomly selected by the shipping companies; these companies have bases for the selection of these rates as well. And as an industry player and a regular shipper in the market, then it is an important move if you can really understand the nature of the shipping rates.

    To be more precise, as a businessman involved in international sea shipping it is always a recommended move to know how the rates are computed. By knowing how the rates are computed then it would be easier for you to understand why these rates are asked, and you can better prepare your business’ bottom-line for these rates. If you are looking to fully understand how the rates are computed, then consider the inputs below as your guide in your study.
    You need to keep in mind that there are two points used in the computation of the transportation of the cargoes and packages by the sea. One such point is the sea freight that is charged by the carriers or the shipping agents. And the second point that is often used in the computation includes the handling and the clearing of the goods at the terminals. Now these charges that are levied against shippers and business owners are influenced by a number of factors as well. For example, for the liner traffic, the freight charges are influenced by the prevailing standard tariffs of the shipping company. Every shipping company will always have their price listing for shipping services and these are often posted in their company websites. Now it doesn’t mean that these shipping costs are the same costs that you will shoulder if in case there is a need to ship goods and packages overseas. You can also get a discount if you have an account with the shipping company. The calculation of the shipping rates is also affected by the prevailing economic conditions and the supply and demand. For example if the costs of oil and fuel have been steadily rising, then this can serve as a fuel for the shipping company to adjust the rates for shipping. The increase in the maintenance costs of the ships can also serve as a factor in the adjustment of the rates when it comes to shipping and overseas shipping.

    The computation for the sea shipping rates does not end there. The kind of shipments that will be loaded on ships will also have a say on the final rate that will be asked by the shipping company. Keep in mind that there are different rates that will be asked for the specific goods and the general cargoes that are shipped by companies. Other factors that come into play in determining of the final costing of sea shipping include the surcharges imposed by ports and taxes.

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