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    Move House Denmark

    If you move house but you are not careful about it, chances are you’ll face a number of problems at the end of the day. Some common issues that are met by some movers and homeowners include lost moving boxes, damaged goods and poor service quality. You don’t want these things to happen to you in case you decide to move house.

    Be wary of fraud
    Even the moving industry is targeted by fraud. If you are not too careful you will do business with a company that will just run away with your money without actually doing the moving services that you have expected. The best defense against fraud is being informed about your rights and the expected roles of the moving service provider. You should be informed of your options when choosing your partner when it comes to moving.

    Get a copy of the Rights and Responsibilities when you move. Or you can research on the contents of the brochure in order to know the basics. The brochure will list the most important information when it comes to moving. This will also explain to your rights the moment some of the personal effects or belongings have been lost or have been damaged along the way. There are websites that you can check out when it comes to these resources. Download the booklet in order to be informed. Another good move that you can do is to do business with the registered movers only. There are federal offices that govern these services so it’s best to verify if the moving service provider is noted by the government. For example in the United States, all players that are registered are give the USDOT number or the company is registered with the FMCSA which means that the company can engage in intrastate moving services.

    Read the documents and information provided by the moving company
    There are certain documents and information that will be provided by the mover and it’s best to take note of these documents. Don’t just receive; read the contents of the documents and ask for questions if necessary. One such information that will be given is the service estimates. The estimates should come in writing, and all charges should be printed. And also make sure that the estimate is signed by the moving company. Don’t settle for oral estimates. And also when it comes to estimates, the moving company should personally check out the packages and loads that will be transported. Only by actual inventory of the packages can the moving company provides the best estimate possible.

    Clarify the order of service
    This is the listing of all services that the company will do in case you decide to move house. The document will also detail the dates the goods and moving boxes will be picked up and delivered by the moving company. Also, check the inventory list. This is the listing of all the items and the packages that were shipped and transported and also list the condition of these items. Consider all these guide posts when dealing with moving company to avoid inconveniences.

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