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    Everything you need to note in parcel shipping to Hong Kong

    Parcel shipping is very convenient especially if you need to transport documents or personal effects from one country to another. In today’s global lifestyle, it’s hard to imagine life without parcel shipping. However, if this is your first time to ship a parcel abroad, you must know these things.

    Customs regulations

    The first thing you need to check when you’re planning to ship parcel packages abroad is the customs regulation of the receiving country. While it’s easier to just rely on the shipping company to check your shipments for you, in the end, they’re not responsible for the goods you’re having transported. Once the shipment reaches the receiving port, you and you alone will be held liable for these goods.

    Make sure that they are not on the prohibited goods list of the receiving country, in the case, Hong Kong. Hong Kong’s list of prohibited items changes over time so get the updated list before sending out your items. If the items you’re sending are restricted, make sure that you acquire the proper permits before shipment. If the restriction is on the volume or quantity, adjust your shipment so that it doesn’t break the law. The list can be acquired from the Embassy of Hong Kong, either through their office or their website.


    Most of the time, taxes for shipments are charged by the receiving port. This doesn’t mean that you should be too relaxed about this and just brush it off as a minor detail. Make sure that you know how much tax you or the receiving party will have to pay to claim the goods. Otherwise, shipping to Hong Kong could prove to be inconvenient.

    Boxes and prepackaging

    The best shipping companies have their own boxes. However, if your items don’t fit into the boxes they’re providing you may be allowed to use packaging of your own. Just make sure that the items inside your self-made packaging are secure from breakage. Be extra careful and add extra covering from the inside if necessary.

    The same care must also be given to items which will be placed inside default shipping boxes. You need to use bubble wrap, corrugated cardboard pieces, and packing tissue paper to avoid collision and bumping within the box itself during transit. You have to remember that things can get rough while your items are being transported from your home port to Hong Kong. Even if you’ve signed an insurance policy already, take extra care and make sure you can minimize damages and losses.

    Packaging lists and insurance

    Insuring your shipment is a must especially if the parcel shipment is considered an international removal. Anything can happen while your items are being transported and you need to protect yourself. Aside from the insurance, you must also make a detailed packaging list. This must be as thorough as possible because it can help you claim rights for losses when they do happen. A detailed packing list will also help customs official inspect your shipment with more care.

    If you find a cheaper price for your shipping or international removal, we’ll beat it!

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