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    Box Shipping to Dubai: A quick guide

    What do you need to know when you’re shipping your personal effects to Dubai? Are you shipping a box of goods there for business? No matter what your purpose might be, you need to know these basic things.


    Taxes can surprise you when you ship goods to Dubai. While compared to other countries, Dubai is pretty lenient with taxing imported products, you still don’t want to get too surprised. This is especially true of you’re shipping personal effects because you will be living here for a while. You might be surprised to pay taxes for items you’ve never used yet. Inquire at the U.A.E. Embassy before shipping anything to Dubai so you can always be prepared once you’re claiming your box of goods.

    Prohibitions and restrictions

    As in any other country, Dubai has prohibitions and restrictions. You need to take note of all of these things. Otherwise, you might even run the risk of getting fined or detained for bringing in restricted or prohibited products. Just to be clear, prohibited products are those which should never be shipped to Dubai because they are absolutely forbidden. Restricted items may be allowed entry into Dubai as long as they either don’t exceed the allowed number, or they come with proper permits and/or certificate of ownership.


    While most shipping companies would be more than happy to package your goods for you, some would leave the responsibility on your shoulders. If you’re to package your goods on your own, you might want to make sure that they fit into the shipping company’s default boxes. You should also make sure that they’re not just thrown into the box but individually packaged as well. Boxes with styro guards for electronics are sufficient. If you’re shipping breakables like CDs, DVDs and porcelain, you will need to use bubblewrap to protect them. You must also fill the gaps in the box with either styroballs (the smallest ones you can find) or packing tissue paper. Otherwise, the package won’t be compact enough, and your items might just colide against each other and break.


    Dubai is very particular with shipments because of the number of forbidden items allowed into the country. You need to make sure you’re not bringing anything in which could create turmoil in their government or disrespect their religion (Islam). Make sure that you make a very thorough list. You will need to be specific about the number and the type. Packing lists may be accomplished in English. About the list of prohibited items, if the Embassy only provides an updated list in Arabic, you might want to hire a translator. Otherwise, at the very least, your goods will be confiscated.


    How risky do you think the international removal will be? It’s highly recommended for anyone to purchase insurance for shipments because the risk of damage and losses is too great. This is also another reason for you to be extra thorough when it comes to listing the items you’re about to ship. This way, if anything gets lost or broken in transit, and it wasn’t just confiscated, you can claim your insurance rights and the loss won’t be that great.

    If you find a cheaper price for your shipping or international removal, we’ll beat it!

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