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About your Shipping Container to Cyprus – 20 and 40 ft containers

Are you moving to Cyprus anytime soon? If you’re staying there for a number of years, you might need to remove your personal effects from your home country. To do this, though, you’ll have to find a mover who can give you high quality 20 and 40 ft containers.

Why this size Shipping Container?

20 ft and 40 ft shipping containers are standard-sized enclosed containers. Some shipping companies might also offer 8- and 10-footers but these are considered rather small by most clients. A 20 ft container would be able to hold most of the contents of a house where two people are living. A 40 ft container should be enough to hold most of the personal effects of a small family.

However, there are also furniture pieces which are too big for a twenty-or forty-ft container. If you’re planning to transfer these pieces from your homeland to Cyprus, you will need to rent an open rack container, or one with no roof and sides. Some people don’t like this idea because it offers little protection for the contents, but if the ship that’s used to transport the items have a secure roofing, your items should be secure.

Packing & Loading

Movers won’t take responsibility of your personal effects unless they are itemized correctly, categorized, accounted for, and are properly wrapped and boxed. This goes for contents of both enclosed containers and open rack containers. Extra care in pre-packaging should be practiced when the items are being transported in an open rack container. It’s also advisable for shippers to sign an insurance bond with the moving company for any personal effects removed from any part of the world to Cyprus.


The first thing you will really need to do if you’ve decided to move home to Cyprus is to get a list of all tax-exempted, forbidden, and restricted items for entry into their country from the Embassy. This way, you won’t be surprised later on. You should actually get a hold of this list as early as three months before your intended departure date.

Once you have the list, sort out all of your personal belongings. Try to figure out which items you can keep and move to Cyprus because they won’t cost you much in terms of taxes, which ones you just need to bring with you even if you’ll be taxed, which ones you’ll have to get certificates of before you can remove from your homeland, and which ones you simply need to let go of because they’re not allowed in Cyprus.

For forbidden items, and for items which will cost too much to move to Cyprus, it is suggested that you sell them or you leave them with a friend or a loved one. This way you can be compensated for your loss if you are selling them, or you can get them back when you move back from Cyprus.

Aside from the permits and certifications of valuable items, you need to make sure that you have your passport and visa ready. Some moving companies won’t charge you so much if the items have not been removed from your home port yet so don’t worry about delays just in case your visa processing takes time. As long as you were able to get the permits on time, you should be fine.

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