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    We ship all types of household goods worldwide including furniture and boxes.

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    All About Box Shipping to Hong Kong

    Are you sending a package to Hong Kong soon? You need to know these basic guidelines, then. They can keep you out of trouble from the customs and they can prevent fee surprises once you claim your package.

    Visit the embassy

    Before anything else, you should first pay a visit to the Embassy of Hong Kong. This is an English speaking country, so you shouldn’t have any trouble getting a list of all the prohibited, restricted, taxed, and untaxed goods. There is a specific allowance for used items especially if you’re a returning Hong Kong national. If you’re a foreigner who will be residing in Hong Kong for a few years for work or for study, a similar allowance is given.

    Sort out your things

    Even before you find a moving company, you should already have your things sorted out according to the list you’ve acquired from the embassy. If your transfer is certain, make sure that you’ve given yourelf enough time to dispose of prohibited items. Choose restricted personal effects you would like to bring to Hong Kong and make sure you get the permits and certificates for them. Common items which need permits include narcotics, plants with medicinal use, valuable jewelry, and artworks or articrafts. Ammunition might not be allowed into the country unless you can acquire a special permit for it.

    Choose the best company

    Selecting a shipping company can be difficult. The first thing you have to do is sift through the long list of service providers. Retain only the most credible in your list and them make sure that you are able to get the most reasonably priced among them. This does not mean that you should be getting the cheapest shipping service there is. Consider other factors like security and punctuality.

    Packaging options

    Most shipping companies would provide boxes. You should use these if your items would fit into the space. Besides the boxes, though, each item should be individually wrapped in protective covering. These could be bubble wrap, corrugated boxes, and other containers which could prevent breakage, scratches or dent. Special care should be given to highly breakable items like electronics and porcelain. In between the items, there should be cloth, packing tissue paper, or styro balls to prevent the items from rubbing against each other or colliding during transit.


    Some people question the need for insurance. The bold, risk takers even transport their items to Hong Kong without declaring the value. This is very unwise, though, because anything can happen while the box is being shipped to Hong Kong. The vessel could sink, or there could be confusion at the customs. You should always make sure that your goods are insured. This way, if you do suffer from losses or damages, you will be properly compensated.

    Be informed

    Customs rules and regulations are your responsibility. A shipping company may allow your items to be shipped out of your home port, but they won’t be liable for confiscations once the box reaches Hong Kong. Prevent nasty surprises and do your homework.

    If you find a cheaper price for your shipping or international removal, we’ll beat it!

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