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    All about box shipping to Australia

    Are you planning to send some items to Australia? Perhaps it’s for business? It can also be your personal belongings if you’re staying in the country for a while. No matter what your purpose is, you must understand these things because you make your shipment to the country.

    Customs regulations

    You need to be familiar with customs regulations. These regulations are standard, but that doesn’t mean they do not change frequently. This is why prior to making your shipment, you must first get a hold of a list of all restricted and forbidden items into the country. This way, you can get the proper documentation for restricted items. If the item you’re planning to send turns out to be forbidden, you can save your money and not send it instead.

    Sorting and wrapping

    Once you’re sure that all the items you’re sending in the box are allowed entry by the Australian government, you must make sure that they are properly itemized, sorted, and wrapped. Ideally, all clothes go into one box, and all books go into another. These items will be inspected by the customs officer, and you can prevent losses if you keep items of the same category in the same box.

    Wrapping inside the box is very important especially if you are transporting expensive or fragile items. Sometimes, moving companies would just let you package your items in the box as you wish. However, some are more careful especially with international removals. They make sure that you are accompanied by their staff while you’re packing. Better yet, they offer free packaging and listing services just to make sure that everything in the box is accounted for to ensure your box shipping to Australia is not damaged or lost in transit..

    More about customs

    Your shipping company is in no way responsible for knowing customs regulations. They may have basic guidelines of what not to transport. For example, they won’t allow narcotics or ammunition if these are obviously forbidden. However, it is still your sole responsibility, as the shipper, to go to the embassy and educate yourself.

    Importing forbidden goods is a criminal act. You could be detained, fined, or both if you attempt to do so consciously. Your items can also be permanently confiscated, and you will never see them again. Aside from ammunition and narcotics, items which are made from exotic animal’s body parts, stolen artworks, and materials which could offend any government are also considered forbidden. Electronic devices with pirated software and date may also be confiscated, and its owner, charged with piracy.


    Just take note of all updated customs regulations. Do not be lazy even if the list is long. Scour through it and make sure you and your shipment will both be safe. If you’re thinking of attempting anything illegal, stop yourself. A lot of people have gotten into trouble with the customs and it’s because they thought they could get away with it. Australia is a pretty liberal country, but it’s also very developed. You can expect their customs officials to be stringent with items which are coming into the country. Do not take the chance and abide by the rules.

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