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    What you need to know about box shipping to Cyprus

    If you need to send items or documents to Cyprus, you would be glad to know that you don’t have to travel to Cyprus yourself to get the task done. There are numerous moving companies out there who can complete the service for you. However, before anything else, you need to know the basics.

    Rules and regulations

    You will be importing goods to another country, and Cyprus’ government had rules and regulations that are entirely different from your home country’s. This means that you will need to go to the Embassy of Cyprus to know what items they prohibit or restrict from coming into their country. If you don’t do this, you might send prohibited items and these could be automatically confiscated. You might even be fined or detained if these items are considered a threat to their government. Restricted items, on the other hand, could be imported into Cyprus but only if you have the permit to import them. Some restrictions may also refer to the quantity of these items.

    About taxes

    People who ship goods to Cyprus for the first time are also quite surprised when they’re asked to pay taxes and other fees. You need to be educated about these extra fees prior to your shipment date. There might be taxes charged by your homeport, but these fees are separate from the taxes charged by Cyprus. You must find out what the taxed and untaxed items are so you won’t be surprised once you claim the goods in Cyprus’s port.

    Cheating on your list

    It is not advised for you to cheat on your packing list. The Cyprus customs office will still inspect your box even if no forbidden items are stated on your list. They’ve had too many experiences of prohibited products sneaked into the country to be conned with the list. What you should do instead is to make a thorough list of all that things that are included in the box. This way, you can protect yourself from possible losses and damages while your goods are being shipped to Cyprus. A detailed list goes hand in hand with the insurance policy,which is also something you should consider purchasing. It might look like an extra expense, but it can save you a lot of money if you do experience losses because of the shipment. Be honest about the value of the items inside the box. You won’t regret it because a lot of things can happen while your items are being transferred to Cyprus.


    Your shipping company will provide default sized boxes where you can out your items in. However, you should also wrap each item individually. This will protect them from dents and scratches, if not total ruin. You have to remember that your boxes won’t be handled with care all the time. Sometimes, shippers have no control of the motion of their vessels while at sea. Aside from your insurance, give your items a little extra care. Bubble wrapping very fragile objects, and filling the gaps in between items with packing tissue can go a long way.

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