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    We ship all types of household goods worldwide including furniture and boxes.

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    Whether it be one off items or large scale shipping requirements, we have a solution for you.

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    We deliver single boxes as well as large scale shipping which is perfect for sending one off items.

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    Our Worldwide logistics solutions service pallet shipping of all shapes and sizes.


    Switzerland Shipping

    There are quite a lot of shipping lines in Switzerland. Switzerland as a country is embedded with so many activities that warrant shipping across to other countries of the world. Most of these shipping companies do specialize in shipping parcel especially to desired destination. The shipping material to be carried must be labeled accurately. This is to identify it once it gets to its destination and also to enable one easily identify the nature of item that it package contains. Packaging is another factor that must be considered. Before any parcel leaves the shores of Switzerland to any country, it must be well packaged. This is where experience Switzerland shipping companies come into play. For instance, a fragile item such as laptop can be damaged before it gets to its destination once it is not properly packaged.

    However, Switzerland shipping has conditions which you must fulfill in order for your parcel to get to you or to whoever you want to send it across to. First of all, you must contact the shipping firm that you want to engage in this service. If you are a business customer, the cost of shipping your parcel is always different from a private customer even if the parcels are of the same weight. Switzerland shipping offers you a very perfect service and guarantees you a safe delivery of your parcel to the desired destination on time.  The transportation of goods by using shipping service has been the practical solutions for major firms that are dealing in the exports & imports of the goods. An only major issue for such companies is safe & timely delivery of the goods at the desired place. The international services also have pitched in the domain to give services, which are unheard and unmatched in past.

    The shipping companies are giving plenty of services, which will ensure delivery of your cargo from major country to other. The shipping firms have got their offices & liaison offices on major commercial sites for the smooth clearance of cargo in the stipulated time period. The custom agents & handlers are also employed for clearing cargo in various locations to ensure the delivery is on time and meet their commitment.  The shipping has undergone a lot of changes & overhauling to give good services over time for the customers. The shipping services nowadays include handling and package of the materials, doesn’t matter what is a type of materials the packaging expert’s will take care of goods that will range from tough to fragile.

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