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Shipping private goods from Finland

How can we ship private goods from Finland? Are there any laws which must be followed and their goods which are prohibited to carry whether exported or imported into the country? What are the requirements for customs who shipping private goods from Finland?

As is known to most of us, Finland is a country with a very low crime rate. This is due in large part to strict laws that exist in the country and strict customs controls and higher penalties for offenders border of Finland. But what we should know before shipping private goods from Finland? Is there any forbidden goods that we are not allowed to ship? Yes, of course there is a list of forbidden from the law goods like in every country in the world. Some of the forbidden shipping private goods from Finland are: -any type of explosives, drugs, and everywhere-if guns are illegal and do not permit them cigarettes, they are in much need special permits and certificate, knives, if they can be used for weapons, they declare and as such they require relevant documents. Also prohibited and prosecuted by Finland’s export of various national treasures (antiques and objects of museum value), if the purpose of exports for commercial purposes. If you want to export or shipping private goods from Finland you must have certain documents and permits that are specific to each different product.

Other things are but if you want to bring a car or vehicle in the country, in which case you are required to pay customs taxes and Eco fees, insurance, etc. If you want to shipping private goods from Finland like pets or some plants you must have a pet passport and will be subject to additional fees. For the transmission of the different varieties of ornamental plants will only need phytosanitary declaration and a declaration which will indicate the number and function of plants.

Every country in the world has its own national laws, and is also required to comply with international agreements which it has signed import and export of various products and materials. But you should know that shipping private goods from Finland is controlled and monitored because Finland is a country known for its strict and uncompromising laws. To avoid trouble with the law when it comes to shipping private goods from Finland, should be familiar with the legal requirements.

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