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    Relocation to Australia: A simple guide

    Are you relocating to Australia anytime soon? If this is the first time you would be moving from your home country, relocating can be quite overwhelming. However, you don’t have panic. You can ease into it as long as you know what to do first.

    Settle your papers first

    You need to make sure you have all the proper documents prepared if you’re planning to move to Australia. Get a certificate of employment from your company in Australia to prove that you will be staying in the country for a few years. You should also provide student visas and certificate of enrollment for your children if you’re moving to Australia with them. You will also need your rent or lease papers to assure tha government that you already have housing in Australia. Your passport, and your work visa, is, of course necessary.

    Make your home livable

    Your home will be empty for about two weeks unless you’ve made arrangements for your personal effects to be delivered to Australia earlier. For the meantime, you should have at least makeshift beds and tables and chairs to make your stay more comfortable. Most expats prefer to go to Australia first, have everything settled and then have their families fly out to live with them. This is also recommended because if you stay in Australia first, you will be able to arrange your kids’ schooling. Once they reach Australia, they would be enrolled and ready for school, right on schedule.

    Plan and sort

    You need to sort your personal belongings very well. Visit the Embassy of Austalia to find out the list of prohibited and restricted items. Get all the necessary paperwork for restricted items and get rid of prohibited items. A single prohibited item in your shipment can be a cause for delay, and if you’re shipping out your entire household, this can be such a hassle. Prepare packing lists as well and make sure you’re insuring the items that you’re shipping out to Australia.

    Do not break rules

    A rookie mistake of most people who are shipping items to Australia is that they try to “slip in” forbidden items into their boxes. They just don’t include it in the list. Don’t do this because any complications in your shipment clearance can cause a lot of delays. You wouldn’t want to wait for months before you can get your clothes, right? Make sure you follow the list provided by the Embassy of Australia.


    You might have already been taxed at your home port, but this won’t matter once you get to Australia. There are certain items in your shipment that will still be taxed. It’s just the way things work. This usually happens when you excede the number of allowed used items like clothing, or if you bring in items which have never been used. For used items which are still in their packages, you can include a receipt proving they’re more than six months old. Don’t worry because there are tax exemptions too.

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