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    Information on box shipping to Singapore

    A lot of people are moving to Singapore, and if you’re one of the many who still have a few personal effects to ship to the country, you’ll be glad that box shipping to Singapore is now very  easy. All you have to do is to package your items and schedule the departure of the box so you’re sure to be in the country before its arrival. There are also a few things you need to take care of.

    Educate yourself

    You need to know the customs rules and regulations of Singapore because no one else is going to do it for you. Some movers might know the basic rules about ammunition and narcotics, but not all of them are updated about other prohibited and restricted items. If you bring this into Singapore, you will suffer from the consequences yourself. The customs officers won’t be after the shipping company. They will be after who sent the shipment, and who’s about to claim it. Save yourself from unnecessary trouble and find out what not to bring, and what permits you’ll have to acquire.

    Know your taxes

    Some items will be taxed when you bring them into Singapore, and some won’t be. On top of shipment costs, you will have to pay for taxes, especially if you’re shipping items which are brand new. The logic behind this is that the government suspects you’ll be selling them once you get a hold of them in Singapore. Most of the time, though, allowances are made for personal effects as long as they’re used. Just make sure you’re not bringing anything which is bootlegged or you can get into serious trouble with the law. This also applies to software programs and mp3 files.

    Package items well

    You need to sort out your things according to category so that you’ll be able to pack your personal belongings well. Try to dispose of your personal belongings which are prohibited by the Singapore laws because you will not be able to transfer these items. You should also group all restricted items so you can get all the necessary permits.

    You may use default boxes provided by the shipping company. If your personal items are too big for the boxes, the shipping company could allow you to use your own packaging. In any case, the packaging should not stop at the boxes. Make sure you also use bubble wraps, packing tissue, and other necessary materials to protect your items from any impact. The shipment process is quite rough especially if it’s an international removal. It’s not that the staff isn’t handling the boxes well. The transfer is just long and anything can happen at see.

    Protect yourself further

    You should also insure your shipped items. If you don’t purchase insurance for your shipment, you could lose the whole box and you won’t be compensated a single cent. It’s better if you declare the real value of your shipment. Anyway, the insurance fee is only a fraction of what you’ll receive should your items be damaged or lost at sea. It’s a worthy investment.

    If you find a cheaper price for your shipping or international removal, we’ll beat it!

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