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    Everything you need to know about parcel shipping to Singapore

    Do you need to send something to Singapore? Parcel shipping has always been possible through mail, but today, you can actually get the items within a few days or weeks, depending on the parcel shipping service you’ve chosen. There are things you always need to remember, though.


    The burden of knowing the rules and regulations of the Singaporean government is always on your shoulders. It’s true that your moving company may guide you with what items are prohibited, and what items are allowed into the country. However, their list might not be updated. If this is the case, you can still get into trouble for bringing in a prohibited item, or from importing a restricted item without permits.

    You should do yourself a favor and visit the Embassy of Singapore before you make plans about shipping anything to Singapore. Check the list for prohibited and restricted items, and don’t attempt to break any of the rules. Acquire proper permits if you’re shipping restricted items. Some restrictions may also be to the quantity of the item. Don’t exceed the allowable quantity so you won’t have any trouble with the customs authorities. You need to know these rules months before your preferred shipment date so you may get permits if you need them.

    Tax questions

    The list will also be able to answer all of your tax questions. There are exportation fees and importation fees. Just to be on the safe side, know the exportation fees from your country as well. Will you be taxed for just one item? Or will you have to remove ten of the same item category to be taxed? Will used items also be taxed? If there are tax exemptions, what is the limit? Try to know these things beforehand so that you won’t get shocked when you ship or claim the parcel.

    Moving company

    Your choice of the moving company is important if you’re planning to transfer items from your home port to Singapore. This is because they’re not all made alike. Some could charge more than others, and what’s more, some companies are more credible, and could assure the safety of your shipment while it’s transferred to Singapore. Others are just a tad shady.

    What you should do is strike up a balance. You don’t have to choose the most expensive service provider. You shouldn’t just opt for the cheapest one either. Try to get a service provider that’s trustworthy but reasonably priced. The rate is a very important matter to consider especially if your shipment is heavy.


    The security of your parcel doesn’t just depend on the credibility of your moving company. It’s also up to you. No matter what you’re sending to Singapore, make sure that it’s properly packed. If you can, you should use the default boxes provided by the shipping company. Inside the default boxes, you should also pack items individually so you can protect them from dents and scratches. To avoid collisions while in transit, you may put packing tissue paper in between the gaps. To further secure your parcel, purchase ample insurance for it. This way, you can be protected from losses and damages caused by natural calamities while the parcel is in transit.

    If you find a cheaper price for your shipping or international removal, we’ll beat it!

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