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    Everything you need to know about parcel shipping to New Zealand

    If you’re thinking of moving to New Zealand, if you have a business there, or if you just have loved ones you would like to send things to, you need to know the basics about parcel shipping to New Zealand. First of all, parcel shipping can take months depending on what transport mode you’ll be using. It can also just take a day or two if you’re using the plane, but if the parcel shipping company you’ve chosen takes the sea route, your parcel will take months before it can reach New Zealand.

    Selecting Your Shipping Company

    Choosing the right parcel shipping company can be quite challenging. First of all, you’ll have to know what your priorities are. Are you looking for a parcel shipping company which can offer really cheap service? Are you looking for one which can get your parcel to New Zealand right away? Or is security your priority?

    Security and fast delivery can cost you quite a lot of money. The speedier the service is, the more expensive it tends to be. Big shipping companies can also assure you that your parcel is safe from losses and damages. However, the most popular companies are, by nature, more expensive than rookies who are just starting in the field. You might want to consider what you’re really looking for. If the contents of the parcel aren’t that important, you might want to opt for a mid-range priced company which can offer you not necessarily top service, but one that is decent enough.

    Packing Your Parcel

    Take note that you will need to package the contents of your parcel well to protect it from damages while they’re in transit. Sometimes, the shipping company can do this for you, but most of the time you will be left on your own. Make sure that you wrap fragile items well with cloth, paper, bubble wrap, or cardboard. The contents of the box itself must be very compact so that during the shipment, they won’t rub or collide against each other.

    Customs Rules And Regulations

    Some shippers mistakenly think that the burden of finding out customs rules and regulations is on the shipping company. This can’t be far from the truth. The moment you sign your name on the bill, you’re liable for anything you’re shipping to New Zealand. This means that if you’ve shipped a forbidden item, the person receiving this item can get into trouble with the customs authorities.

    What you should do prior to looking for a parcel shipping service provider is to go to the Embassy of New Zealand. Find out what items are forbidden from entering their country. Do not attempt to send any of these in your parcel to New Zealand.

    There is also a list for restricted items. These items could be imported into New Zealand but they might need documentation, or they might be limited to only a specific number. Take note of these things because they can still be confiscated if shipped without documentation.

    You must also look at the list of goods which will be taxed and not taxed. Taxed items will affect your shipping costs. Sometimes, taxes may be charged on the port of destination itself, so the one receiving your package might be the one asked to pay for the taxes.

    If you find a cheaper price for your shipping or international removal, we’ll beat it!

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