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    Box Shipping To New Zealand From UK

    There are important factors you need to consider when shipping parcels from UK to New Zealand. The cost of shipping is expected to be high; considering the distance between the two countries. Many of the shipping agencies can get the parcels shipped by air and by sea. They may also have to make a number of stop over along the way for refueling and possibly for repairs. This is expected anyway, considering the distance.

    The shipping agencies have a specific method by which they calculate what you have to ship. They often charge you based on size and weigh of the material you are shipping. The bigger the size or weight, the more the amount you need to pay to get the box shipped from UK to New Zealand.  While calculating the amount you have to pay, the shipping agencies have a way or rounding off the weight of the material. If the weigh is about 3.3kg, it will be rounded off to 4kg. Instead of paying for 3.8 kg weigh, you will have to pay for a 4kg weight.

    If the shipping is to be done by land, the weight of the material you are shipping may not matter much to shipping agencies and they may not charge you much for this. But if the shipping is to be done by air or by sea; as it is the case with shipping to New Zealand from the UK, the issue of weight will be highly considered. This means you will have to pay more if the parcel you are shipping is very hefty.

    There are times you may need the parcels to be delivered quickly. Such quick delivery may also attract more chargers.  The charges are far higher than what you would have paid for the normal period of delivery.

    If you find a cheaper price for your shipping or international removal, we’ll beat it!

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