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    Information on Box Shipping to New Zealand

    Are you thinking of sending a loved one a few items to New Zealand? Thanks to today’s modern technology, this is very possible. However, there are a few things you need to remember especially if you’re shipping these items for the very first time.

    Customs regulations: your responsibility

    A few people make the mistake of choosing “lenient” shipping companies which won’t inspect the shipment too much. However, this is really not a very good idea. For one, the customs authorities of New Zealand won’t be after the shipping company if you’ve brought in any forbidden items. You will be held liable for these items. So this means that you might be able to ship the items out of your country, but your loved one won’t be able to get it too New Zealand.

    Know what you’re getting into. Visit the Embassy of New Zealand before sending any items to the country. Ask them for a list of forbidden, restricted, and allowed items for entry. Some embassies have this information readily available on their websites. Just in case you can’t find it, you can always visit the Embassy and obtain a copy of the list for yourself.

    Forbidden items are forbidden items and you can’t get them into the country no matter what you do.  You shouldn’t try because at the very least, these items will be confiscated. At most, you’ll be criminally   charged and you don’t want that. Make sure that you get the list three months before your departure date. Otherwise, you might not be able to get the proper permits for the items shipping to New Zealand.

    Packing Your Box

    You’re also liable for the packaging of your shipped items. Shipping companies may give you standard sized boxes, but if you’re sending artifacts, or electronics which are considered fragile, you will have to provide the cushioning yourself. Most shipping companies will guide you on how to wrap your fragile goods. If they’re not wrapped properly, you might be asked to sign a waiver to remove the liability of your shipment’s safety from the shipping company’s shoulders.

    It is highly unwise to wrap an electronic gadget with a piece of clothing. If it is still brand new, you might want to keep it in the original packaging. If you’ve lost the item’s original box, purchase a more secure casing for it. Preferably,  the cases should cushion it from collisions and scratches while in transit.

    Box Shipping to New Zealand

    Not listing items

    Some shippers want to get away from the law and not list items which are actually in the box. There are two dangers to this. One is that you might end up losing the item. Secondly, if the item is forbidden, leaving it out of your list might signify that you’ve purposefully tried to import a forbidden item.

    Make sure that everything that’s in the box is included in your item list. The more detailed the list is, the better. This will also help the customs authorities assess how thorough they need to be in inspecting your box. Usually, they’re a bit more lenient with very detailed lists. It gives the impression of a responsible shipper who won’t break the law.

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