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    All you have to know about box shipping to Greece

    Are you thinking of shipping a few items to Greece? Then you should look at these guidelines first, especially if this is your first time. Otherwise, you might find it a bit of a hassle only because you didn’t go through the necessary steps.


    If you’re removing items from one country to another, the only reasonable thing to do is to check on the rules and regulations of both parties. You will need to look at the list of prohibited items. These are items which are not allowed to be removed from a country, and entered into another country. In under no circumstance should you attempt to export prohibited items to Greece. It will just be confiscated.

    There are also items which are not prohibited but are restricted. These items should either be exported to Greece only in controlled quantities, or they should be exported only if you have permits and other certifications for them. Food items, medicines, artworks, and other valuable items may be restricted.


    You also don’t want to be surprised by taxes when you ship items to Greece. The only way to educate yourself about this is to ask. Tax concerns are also included in the rules and regulations of the customs office of Greece. You should also look at export taxes from your homeport just in case you’ll have to pay for removing the items from your country. Usually, taxes incurred in the port of Greece are charged in Greece so you or the one who will be claiming your items in Greece will be charged for these taxes.


    The very best moving companies have default boxes for their shipments. If your items are small enough to fit into these boxes, you may use them. If your items are bigger, you may have to provide your own packaging. Should you be using the default boxes provided by the shipping company, you should always wrap each item individually to keep them from being dented or scratched. Very fragile items should be wrapped in bubble wrap and even boxed if possible. If you’re shipping pressure- or temperature-sensitive items, you should package it well so it won’t be affected in the changes of temperature during shipment.

    Packing list and insurance

    It is very important for you to do everything you can to protect yourself from losses and from damages. You can do this in two ways, and it is highly recommended that you do both. First, you should make sure that your packing list is very detailed. This way, you won’t have a hard time tracking the items in the box you’ve sent to Greece. Things can get easily lost in transit, or during customs inspection.

    The list will also help you claim insurance rights should your shipment be lost at sea. While the most credible moving companies can ensure the safety of your items, natural calamities can always occur. This is why you need to protect yourself with an insurance policy. This way, you can get compensated for your losses.

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